I congratulate HL Kate Wallace and SK Donald Cobcroft on the “Hope for the Future” Session. A donation of $12,850.00 was made to Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre at John Hunter Hospital Newcastle. We must also thank Masonic Care for their contribution to this wonderful effort.
We were very pleased to have present HL Mary Wyatt Supreme Conductress from Arlington Texas and HL Elizabeth Herbolsheimer Supreme Trustee from Scottsdale Arizona.
And so another Amaranth year begins – let us all strive to improve our membership. We have had a significant change to our rules for membership in recent times. Women over the age of eighteen who are not directly related to a Master Mason, are upon recommendation from two Master Masons in good standing with their lodge and who are acquainted with the applicant as well as to members, now are able to petition for membership.
The Charity for this year is the Sir David Martin Foundation – Triple Care Farm. Triple Care Farm is situated in the Southern Highlands at Jamberoo, and provides care for the young aged 16 – 24 in crises. Yong people suffering from substance abuse, homelessness, mental illness and family breakdowns, complete at twelve week course to set them on the right path for a more productive future. David Martin Place opened in 2017 and is the only detox centre in Australia that provides such care.
My Watch words are Faith, Believe and Hope. Colours of mauve blue pink and green. Songs – One Day at a time, All things bright and beautiful, If I could see the world through the eyes of a child, My Task. SK Stuart Lang - Grand Royal Patron’s songs – The Holy City, Jerusalem, and I did it my Way.
I am looking forward to a year of growth for our Order,
HL Judy Prince Grand Royal Matron