Charitable works of the Order of the Amaranth

This year our Grand Royal Matron Sandra Davis has chosen as her charitable Retina Australia for the Charity that the members would work towards assisting


This year our Grand Royal Matron has chosen Reitna Australia as the charity Grand Court will support

Retina Australia is committed to raising funds for research into the detection, prevention, treatment and cure of inherited retinal dystrophies.
Retina Australia distributes funds to scientific researchers in leading universities throughout Australia and New Zealand, and also offers funds to the Inherited Retinal Diseases Register and DNA Bank in Western Australia.
Through it’s state member organizations, crucial support and information is provided to the newly-diagnosed and to those whose vision is deteriorating.

Charity - putting into practice what we teach

We are taught to practice ‘charity’ from an early age. The giving of money is an integral part of what it means to be a charitable and generous person.

Our members are called on to support many charities and this year our Grand Royal Matron’s charitable project is for the Garvin Institute of Medical Research especially for Neurone Science which has given her 22 extra years of life following a brain tumour.

Royal Victoria Court: We look forward to supporting H.L. Beverley’s chosen charity for this year - the Peninsula Palliative Care Unit in Frankston .

A donation of $1,000 was given by the members of Royal Victoria Court to the Junior Diabetes Foundation which was our outgoing Royal Matron H.L. Helen Wright’s project for 2011/2012

Endeavour Court: H.L. June’s chosen charity will be Bailey House which is a day centre for adults with an intellectual disability in the age group of 18 to 72.

All three are most worthwile charities whilst in the background we continue to support The Diabetes Amaranth Research Trust which last year Internationally donated in excess of $US 600,000.

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