Welcome home to our traveller Jim Lippett from Endeavour Court

Submitted by marie on Thu, 2015-08-13 10:48

Welcome home to Jim Lippett from his travels overseas to Scotland, Ireland and Norway
Jim is pictured here with King Henry the V111 and the Mary Rose, King Henry’s favourite flagship of 34 years which was sank in 1545 and raised in 1982. It is housed at the Portsmouth dockyard sits in a purpose built 27 million pound museum inside a hot box enabling it to dry out gently over the next several years.
In addition over 19,000 artefacts are exhibited including personal items such as leather shoes, wooden bowls , musical instruments and nit combs, even a well preserved skeleton of the dog “Hatch”.

Whilst in Scotland Jim was able to catch up with Bryce and Jim Scott who send their love to all over here

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