Grand Royal Matron H.L. Faye Ward and Grand Royal Patron S.K. Jim Lippett

Submitted by marie on Mon, 2014-08-18 21:28

"Hello to you all – welcome to Order of the Amaranth, New South Wales website – a special welcome to any new time visitor and a great welcome to Amaranth members in Australia and overseas. Is it not a great tool to communicate with our members? We share the Grand Court news, the individual Court news, social meetings and keep in touch with each other. As well as this, it allows information concerning our Order to be given to anyone who wishes to ask questions and perhaps become involved.
And that is essentially what our members do. We get involved. Although we live in different States, we are drawn together in the Amaranth ideals of Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity. From this website you will obtain our vision, our aims, the work we do for charity, and especially the companionship we receive from meeting together. How essential this companionship is these days when so many are isolated by technology and other factors.
In this term of 2014-2015 the Grand Royal Patron, Sir Knight Jim Lippett and I have chosen to support the Steve Waugh Foundation ‘Somewhere to Turn’, a Foundation which focuses on helping children with a rare disease and supporting the families of these children in need. Any support would be gratefully received.
Please enjoy this website – we think it is great!

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