Advancement of the Order of the Amaranth

Our future is greater than our past…
Dear Advancement Committee Members,

Thank you to the Grand Court Advancement of the Order Committee members for your comments and support. I’d like to especially thank HL Judy Prince for her comments along with S.K. Donald Cobcroft. There’s much we can do as individuals and together.

I’d also like to acknowledge the leadership coming from our Grand Royal Matron, H.L. Faye Ward and Grand Royal Patron, S.K. Jim Lippett as they visit Courts and speak to the need for membership growth and the Advancement of the Order.

The first challenge for our Courts and members to deal with is the "cringe factor" whenever we talk about membership growth and the need for it. A common reaction is we’ve tried that before or we don’t know anybody who would be interested.

Both of those reactions while true to a certain extent are quite negative. If we are really honest with ourselves they are an excuse rather than a good reason when it comes to bringing new people into the Order.

Conversely we can take control, be positive and use opportunities as suggested by S.K. Don. As members of the advancement committee it’s our job to lead, to be enthusiastic and committed to the task.

Whatever we decide to do as individual members or as a Court will largely be determined by the building of relationships.

The idea behind relationship is that when others connect with us and our Courts they begin to discover what our Amaranth community is all about and, in particular, what binds our community together.

We hope that through our example they will gain an insight into the high ideals of our Order and how we live out being a member and the sort of relationships we have with each other. Amaranth is a community the hallmarks of which are fraternal, social and charitable.

Do we really need to grow our membership? The maths are easy to comprehend on present figures if we continue as we are there will be little or no such thing as the Order of the Amaranth in Australia in the next decade.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way because we know the value of Amaranth in our own lives and how others may experience that too by joining us.

We need to work toward a common goal of growing membership not to prevent ourselves from going out of business but to recognize that growing our Order is our business and that calls for us to do our very best in promoting the Order.

Yours fraternally
Ron Cameron

Ron Cameron, PGRP Chair of the Grand Court Advancement of the Order Committee

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Advancement - our future is greater than our past…

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