About Amaranth

Membership in the Order of the Amaranth means many things to many people.

It means becoming a better person while helping to improve the quality of life for others.

It means forming deep and lasting friendships that transcend the boundaries of race, religion and culture, as well as those of geography.

But most of all, being a member means the kind of deep satisfaction that comes only from selfless giving; from doing for others without asking, or expecting, anything in return.

It means committing yourself to a code of moral ethics. The Order of the Amaranth is built upon four basic principles - Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity.

In all circumstances of life we endeavour to live by the Golden Rule and to practice charity for all mankind.

We seek to give freely of ourselves and ask for nothing in return. Of all of the virtues, none is more valued in Amaranth than selfless giving.

Amaranth has a tradition of supporting charitable projects such as Diabetes Research, Cancer Research, the Heart Foundation, Hospitals and many other needy institutions.

The satisfaction derived from these endeavours cannot be measured in ordinary terms. We will say, however, that it is in helping others that we most help ourselves.

And lastly but not least is the fellowship and mutual support we enjoy in each other’s company as we meet participate in and conduct our Court Meetings.

The Order of the Amaranth in Australia is approved by Grand Lodge in all States.

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For more information about joining visit How to become a member of The Order of the Amaranth.

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